Persian SMS Reshaper

Persian SMS Reshaper

Version 2.3
Active installs

android 1.6 up
Note: This software can be used on
devices that have Farsi fonts.

Some companies manufacture mobile language Farsi (Arabic) do not support it fully For example (HTC , … ). And this caused problems for the users. Some applications have solved this problem temporarily. I had not written the software without having to root to the SMS and if I get stuck together.

This possibility exists in Persian SMS software. With this program you do not need to get to open for SMS applications. SMS software to restore your phone snugly. SMS messages received inbox as you can see sticking together. The Other hand They do not need you to run special programs to SMS every time I see or see attached.

In addition, software that enables you to separate SMS messages that you received as to become stuck together.

ver 1.8
Add text processing algorithms

Notice: A demo version of this application can be found at

, test it and buy the pro version if you enjoy demo.

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