Secretarial and Office Technology

Secretarial and Office Technology

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Description :
Introduction to Technology job as a secretary / office
If you are an organized individual skilled in doing clerical work and looking for work are not very specialized, job as a secretary or office for you.
The purpose of this software and book publishing, Prvzsh who can as an office to work in busy office environments and businesses are
The following examples of topics have included in this book
A tax is a summary of the application:
The duties of a secretary / office
Knowledge and skills needed receptionist / office
How to talk with a person who will call you back
Dealing with people who already have appointment. ...
Skills using phone
Dealing with incoming calls
Normal relations with clients
120 universal laws of success and .......

References :

  Officials familiar with the Offices written by Akbar Sierra Games
How phone calls: Posted Mrzh J. Bigelow
120 Law of Success: Brian Tracy

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