GNSS Viewer

GNSS Viewer

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نصب فعال

GNSS Viewer (Global Navigation Satellite System) displays current GNSS information as reported by the built-in GNSS unit of your phone (or tablet). The following GNSS data are displayed:
- Latitude and longitude
- Altitude
- Speed or pace
- Bearing
- UTC time (optional)
- Satellite data (optional).

The app calculates traveled distance as you walk/bicycle/drive.

GNSS Viewer can log your position each 1/10/60 second. The resulting track is displayed on a map and can be exported as a GPX file, for example via e-mail.

You can also:
- Clear traveled distance (which also clears the logged tracks)
- Choose between km, miles or nautical miles
- Choose lat/long format (decimal deg, deg/min or deg/min/sec).
- Copy lat/long to clipboard (which also sets a marker on the map, exported in the GPX file).
- Share lat/long, for example via SMS or e-mail.

This app contains no adds. It does not gather, transmit or disclose any personal data.

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