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Online pharmacy (mobile doctor) 

The online pharmacy is an app for getting information about diseases and medications, which consists of three main sections

1- List of diseases 

Description of more than 400 diseases, causes of illness and common symptoms of the disease

2- List of medications section 

Descriptions of more than 700 drugs, drug use and drug use

3. Side effects of drugs 

Provide a complete list of the side effects of each drug with the description

The app also includes 3 parts of 9 other useful sections that include: 

4. Diagnosis:  According to the information contained in the program, the symptoms of the search provide the user with a list of diseases that have the mark.

5. Vegetative Distillates:  Provides plant-based substances to the user.

6. Calculating BMI  : Calculates the body mass index by receiving height and weight information

And sections:

7. Honey Therapy 

8 - Food Pyramid 

9. Psychosis 

10 - Oral and teeth 

11 - Acupuncture 

12 - Temperament 

Each of which provides the user with key and useful information.

In the first run of the program, if the Internet is connected to the Internet, the information is stored on the user's handset, and then there is no need for the Internet to run the program. 

Some features: 

  •   Ability to share text 

  •   Weekly update of program information 

  •   Beautiful interface 

  •   Low volume 

  •   Wishlist by topic 

Sources : 

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