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Afrazm uprising like science, like the killers of Imam martyred drag to the altar of retaliation.

  Biography Mukhtar al-Thaqafi

Mukhtar really is?

Saghafi autonomous killer is?

It preserves about saghafi

Mukhtar rise of reality to the series?

What was the historic mistake Mokhtarnameh series?

Mokhtar Ibrahim al-Ashtar Finally, after what was

Traditions and sayings about freedom



Added in version 2

The period of captivity

The period of insurrection and riots

Period of stability and reconstruction

Famous disciple of Imam Sajjad AS

Autonomous approach to Imam Sajjad (AS)

Imam Sajjad autonomous thought and prayer for the blessing he had

Mukhtar Muhammad Hanafiyyah documenting his support to his movement, the rise was Kaysanites Shia sect

Allama Majlisi judgment about Mukhtar refused

Why Imam Sajjad (PBUH) did not approve the uprising of Mokhtar

Why Mokhtar after the resurrection of the caliphate to Imam Sajjad (AS) did not deliver?

Why was not authorized sequel to No?

Is autonomous saghafi the companions of Imam Sajjad (AS)

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