Bistro Cook
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Category Arcade
Size 41 MB
Last Update 2024 March 27
Bistro Cook

Bistro Cook

Antonia Solution Pvt. Ltd
Version 59
Install +20 K
Category Arcade
Size 41 MB
Last Update 2024 March 27
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Take the challenge as a master chef! Show how fast you are and be the best bistro cook around!
If you want to be a masterchef then you have to prove yourself worthy by serving all your customers with quality food. Transform each dish in a work of art.

How to cook a food:
- tap the food to select
- tap on the frying pan (not drag)
- if the food is burnt throw it into the garbage can with a tap
- after cooking, when the food is well done, put it all on the plates, as soon as possible
- ready to be served, enjoy your meal

It is all about skills and mixing food. All the recipes, all the pressure in the kitchen will take you to another level.
Whether you like French cuisine or Italian pasta, pizza or cookies, a well done steak or raw vegan food, you still have to polish your skills and speed to become the best chef.
Let your friends know that you are a happy cooking tycoon and invite them to learn how to cook.


The game has surpassed 5 million downloads and it is recognized as one of the best mobile cooking games.
Press mentions:

"Overall, this is a great time management game for the Android platform. At the time of this review the Bistro Cook Android App is free. Thumbs Up." (

"Bistro Cook, fried and well done: Bistro cook is a great game for everyone and it will keep you entertained for days" (

"4 Stars/VeryGood: Bistro Cook is a fun game to play when you’re looking to kill a bit of time. Bistro Cook ran well while we were testing the app for you. The application’s speed is good, it didn’t lag or crash and loading times are totally acceptable." (

"Overall, Bistro Cook is a lot of fun to play. The worst part of the whole experience for me was that when I placed the food in the pans, the sizzling noise always made me incredibly hungry." (

Other mentions:
- Selected in Top 9 out of 350 apps (AppSmitten app network)
- 3 Medals (World dominator, Hailed by the crowd, In the spotlight) on AndroidZoom
- Selected as one of the best 3 cooking games on Android by


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Bon appetit!

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3.4 from 5
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