Cooking Express Cooking Games

Cooking Express Cooking Games

Version 3.1.5
Install +100 K
Category Simulation
Size 82 MB
Last Update 2022 October 26
Cooking Express Cooking Games

Cooking Express Cooking Games

Version 3.1.5
Install +100 K
Category Simulation
Size 82 MB
Last Update 2022 October 26
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Tap, tap, tap! Simply tap to cook, serve and travel in Cooking Express, one of the interesting restaurant games. Join free food cooking games now, with fast paced gameplay and chef strategy in this new kitchen game simulation.

Want to open up your own food restaurant? Then here's a chance to become a real-time masterchef and run your own kitchen scramble as a worldwide restaurant chef. Dash around the kitchen to prepare burgers, hamburgers & asian food world class receipes in 36+ different restaurant games.

Restaurant Game Features:
• 36+ unique restaurants in this fun new kitchen scramble.
• Become masterchef & cook 1000+ different tasty cuisine for dinner dash.
• More than 1800+ levels to complete in this restaurant games
• This highly addictive time management games will bring you a good kitchen scramble experience.

Challenges Require time management games skills:
• Train your brain by memorizing new food recipes
• Cook Levels again to earn asian star to get money for upgrades
• kitchen scramble through the minimum score to earn more combos/tips.
• Time management games skills improved in the restaurant games

Fun recipes
• Over 1000 ingredients cuisine in cooking fever kitchen games
• Practice your kitchen madness techniques & management skills in restaurant game.

Fun Boosters
• Auto serve cooking madness customers
• No burning food in dustbin & food burn target in cooking fever

You as a rising super masterchef will have a fabulous wide range of hot food star & delicious food recipes to cook. Kitchen scramble like this will entertain you with so many different asian food star chef activities & lots of other cooking madness in your cooking fever restaurant game. The great chef games involve so many asian food & restaurant games like coffee shops, burgers, hamburgers & other asain food craze time management games in your restaurant game. We took the level up in all food game & restaurant games to explore all the area with cooking madness to become the hot restaurant game. This cooking madness game with restaurant simulation is suitable for girls & adults.

Why this kitchen scramble:
• Become a crazy masterchef for all food addictive hungry customers who expect perfectly cooked food fantasy.
• Free cooking games like this one, have cooking fever food shops with funplay offline cooking games.
• You as a Asian star masterchef of these restaurants, have to show your star cooking madness.
• fast and fun time management games experiences!

Easy Tips
•Download new restaurant kitchen trucks for more restaurant day adventures.
•Play offline food truck cooking games or online time-management simulation gameplay
•Play cooking express offline on your Android device after downloading game content

# Number Of Restaurants Are Lined Up with Challenging Cooking Games!
# Master Your Time Management Skills According to Order Time and Become the Masterchef in The World!!

Join the cooking madness in asian food star chef game, where you serve food against the clock to your customers! The kitchen express is always open for you to make your kitchen story and start your cooking fever.

Download kitchen express fever as new cooking games 2022 - Food cooking fever and start to cook great kitchen dishes in a new kitchen & become a star Masterchef!

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