QR Code Scanner - Scan Barcode

QR Code Scanner - Scan Barcode

Version 2.0.24
Install +500
Category Tools
Size 16 MB
Last Update 2024 June 4
QR Code Scanner - Scan Barcode

QR Code Scanner - Scan Barcode

Tools & Utilities Apps
Version 2.0.24
Install +500
Category Tools
Size 16 MB
Last Update 2024 June 4
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QR Scanner - Barcode Scanner is a simple app with all the features you need. Scan QR codes and barcodes including WiFi passwords, products, contacts, URLs, and more. You can also create your codes and share them with ease. Access scan history and use batch scan mode for efficiency. QR Code Scanner is your one-stop solution for all scanning needs.

Key Features of QR Code Reader:

Simple and Quick Scanning:
Scan QR codes and barcodes using your phone's camera. No need for buttons or complicated adjustments. Just point, scan, and get the information you need with our QR code reader and scanner.

Multiple Code Scanning:
Experience a wide range of scanning including products, coupons, contacts, URLs, and more. QR Scanner app is designed to meet your code scanning requirements.

Automatic Decoding:
QR Code Scanner is designed to scan codes with convenience. It automatically decodes scanned information, offering instant access without any manual steps.

Custom Code Generation:
QR Scanner - Barcode Scanner is a powerful QR code generator. Create QR codes and barcodes, giving you the flexibility to scan and organize codes to your needs.

Instant Product Details:
Scan barcodes and coupon codes with our app. QR Code Reader provides useful information, making your shopping trips more exciting.

Connect to WiFi:
Scan QR codes of WiFi and get passwords with ease. QR Scanner for Android provides convenience for quick network access.

Simple User Interface:
Easily navigate the QR & Barcode Scanner app, thanks to its intuitive interface. It ensures a smooth and enjoyable scanning experience for users of all levels.

Share Scanned Information:
Share your scanned codes with the QR Scanner - Barcode Scanner. You can also mark your codes as favorites and send information or links to anyone with just a few taps.

Highlights of QR & Barcode Reader:
• Scan QR codes or barcodes with auto-detection.
• Scan various types of codes, including URLs, texts, contacts, and more.
• QR code reader provides information with speed.
• Simple QR code generator and barcode generator.
• Batch scan mode and price scanner.
• Scan barcodes of products for details.
• Scan QR codes from existing images of your gallery.
• Scan WiFi QR codes to get passwords.
• Dark theme for added convenience.
• Mark scanned codes as favorites.
• Low-light scanning with flashlight support.
• Save your scans as Text or CSV files.
• Scan history for quick retrieval of information.
• Share information with just a few taps.

Download the QR Code Reader - QR Scanner app and enjoy access to information, products, and services with a simple scan. If you have any ideas or suggestions about our QR code scanner, please write to us at:support@toolsutilitiesapps.com.

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