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LYMAN Calculator

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LYMAN Calculator:

The program is LYMAN's first product, which was launched early in the year 2016 The first version of the calculator was released .The LYMAN calculator gives everyone what they expect from a calculator.

Features that distinguish this calculator from its competitors:

1: Ultra-cute and eye-catching user interface with the ability to change themes from several high-quality themes.

2: Ability to change font and size of memory keys.

3: Shake proper memory keys when using the calculator.

4: Calculate numbers and functions automatically.

5: Operator categories in 5 separate templates for user convenience.

6:Has a complete and detailed guide page and all calculators operators.

7:Ability to solve all advanced engineering matrices.

8: Separate and Applied  percentage Screen.

9: The ability to display the history of all calculations and previous results with a hint.

10: The possibility of all logarithmic, trigonometric, derivative, factorial, integral, and capable functions.

11: Ability to use the functions inside each other.

12: Ability to change unit angles between RAD, GRAD, DEG.

13: Ability to enter numbers as fractions.

14: Factorial calculation of integer numbers.

15: This calculator contains all constant numbers such as the Pi number and the number of nippers.

16: This calculator contains more than 90 physical constants such as (light speed, electron mass, Faraday constant, etc).

17: This calculator has all the commonly used operators, such as composition and permutation, and hyperbolic functions.

18: The possibility of reversing the trigonometric functions and obtaining the root of functions with arbitrary faces.

19: Ability to switch between input characters for change and review.

20: No Annoying Ads.

21: No bug or definite in the app.

22: Supports all Android tablets and handsets.

23: 24-hour support to handle your comments and criticisms for improving and upgrading the app.

LYMAN ; Differently  Develops

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