Point and Line 2

Point and Line 2

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Point and Line ( one player, two player, Bluetooth) + Mastermind

Point and Line is a two player game. It's a traditional game that has been played using a dotted paper and two different color pens. This game can be nostalgic for 50th and 60th. How To: each player draws a line between dots respectively and who draws the 4th line of a square, he or she gain a game point and write his/her name in the square. The winner is who has more points when all squares are completed. you can play alone (with device) or play with another one. Bluetooth:

-first person must create a game

-second person must connect to the first person device Bluetooth

-game begin after the "Connected successfully" message appears.

-game creator play first

-both device must be paired before the game

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