Notepad: Notes Organizer To Do

Notepad: Notes Organizer To Do

Version 8.7.1
Install +10 K
Category Tools
Size 33 MB
Last Update 2024 January 11
Notepad: Notes Organizer To Do

Notepad: Notes Organizer To Do

Netigen Tools
Version 8.7.1
Install +10 K
Category Tools
Size 33 MB
Last Update 2024 January 11
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Introducing notepad with lock app– an amazing free app for Android for easy notetaking and organizing your tasks. It's a simple and user-friendly notebook that allows you to write, edit, and organize notes effortlessly. You can lock app with password to keep your notes safe! The app works both online and offline.

With notepad, you can keep important information, make a to-do list, and store memos. It offers a quick and easy editing experience for writing notes, e-mails, messages, shopping lists, and more. You can even use it as a journal, agenda, or diary to keep track of your daily activities.

This free notebook app allows you to customize your notes – you can add awesome stickers, cute emojis, and choose from a range of colorful backgrounds. Additionally, you can incorporate a drawing, record a voice memo, and attach a photo.

Keep your secrets safe – you can lock app with password or secure chosen notes with lock. Make a backup and restore the content whenever you need!

Pick a widget to easily access the app. Convert your notes to PDF to have a backup and restore it later!


- Notebook with lock – secure your app, specific notas or categories – you can lock them with password (PIN, fingerprint or face recognition lock) and keep them safe!
- Reminder – set a reminder to remember about everything you need!
- To PDF converter – convert your notes to PDF for free!
- Backup and restore – now you can easily backup and restore your notes on your device or in google drive!
- Categories – group your entries in categories, lock the secret ones with password, keep the notebook organized and secure!
- Secret notes – secure special notes with lock to keep them safe!
- Search through text, tags, pictures, recordings or categories
- Dark mode – the notepad app is now available in dark mode to save your battery and look amazing!
- Themes – choose your favorite look of the notebook app! Many colors in light and dark mode – pick what you like the most!
- Drag & drop sorting – organize notes as you like
- Widget – set a widget in the notification bar to have the notepad app always at hand. Pick a theme for your widget – it's available in many different colors in light and dark mode!
- Offline app – no need to have internet access, the notepad works offline!

Editor options:

- Advanced text formatting – you can change font, color, and highlight text, write it in italics or bold
- Photos – you can enhance your note with pictures
- Recordings – you can record a voice message or add an existing voice recording to your nota
- Drawings – you can draw directly in the notepad app and add a drawing to your notes – choose a pencil, pen, crayon, or marker and draw anything you want!
- Emojis, stickers, and backgrounds – you can customize your note with free emoticons, stickers or wallpapers
- Option to undo/redo action
- Bullet points – use them to create a to-do list, a shopping list or any other list you need!

Ensure the security of your secrets by locking notepad with password or securing selected notas with lock. Choose a convenient widget to effortlessly access the notebook. Convert your notes to PDF format for added backup and restore option. Use online and offline!

This free notepad app works well on different devices – it will be great for Samsung as well as Xiaomi, Redmi!

The app is available in many different languages – now also in Korean and soon in Urdu!

Check also the pro version of the app offering even more functions!

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