PDF Scanner - Scan Documents

PDF Scanner - Scan Documents

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PDF Scanner - Scan Documents

PDF Scanner - Scan Documents

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PDF Scanner App is a powerful tool that turns your phone into a portable HD scanner. The camera scanner app scans all kinds of paper, images and documents in seconds. You'll be able to use this document scan free at home, in the office, at school, in a public institution during travel or wherever you are. Download this PDF scanner app to scan pdf documents and converts them into JPEG and PDF files.
The Fast PDF scanner sorts the documents based on your file size, name & date. The PDF editor automatically detects the corner and crops the part of the document you want to scan. Document scanner app for android features gives the freedom of choice to the user.

Main Functions of PDF Scanner - Scan Document App

PDF Scanner App:
The free PDF scanner app helps you scan multiple documents & images in just one tab. Smart cropping and auto-enhancing clear the text and graphics. PDF creator Scan books and save all documents on your phone. Document Scanner optimizes all kinds of paper Easily.

Camera Scanner:
Doc Scanner turns your photos and documents into high-quality. The OCR technology can easily digitalize cards and documents. PDF maker can edit the file after saving it & digitize your images with a photo to pdf scanner and OCR scanner.

Scan & Edit PDF:
The fast scanner app adjusts the documents after scanning. Whether a PDF document or a photo, you can preview, reorder, crop, rotate, and adjust. You can also change their colours & filters. The free scanning app crop feature automatically recognizes your documents to crop the image to PDF at the perfect ratio.

Scan images to PDF:
You can select any image from your phone Gallery and convert it into a PDF or JPEG File as a document.

Save to Gallery:
With this document scanner free, all scanned documents are exported or stored locally on your android phone and cannot access by any third party. Save pdf files in a gallery or wherever you want with a pdf creator.

Quick Search function:
The Mobile Scanner supports a large number of documents. Doc scan searches documents by their name. PDF reader sorts the files based on their size, date and file name.

Share PDF Files:
Pdf Scanner shares documents in PDF or JPEG format with friends and share them via social media.

How to scan:
Hold your phone over a document and scan it. The scanner app will crop the document and optimize the colours. Save your scan files as PDF or JPEG with one tap.

Doc Scan - Photo Scan can be used in any case:
▪️ Scan receipts, ID cards, debit cards, etc.
▪️ Scan agreement, PPT, with a free scanner app
▪️ Scan newspapers and posters with a camera scanner.
▪️ Scan Magazine with a document scanner and PDF editor.

👉Some additional features in the scan app make your document more professional and effective.
▪️ Photoscan enhances the scan to pdf quality manually.
▪️ Scan & print documents with a free scanner app.
▪️ Scanner app allows you to scan multi-page documents
▪️ Organize your documents in the folder by name and date.
▪️ Save and view the scanned files anytime, anywhere.
▪️ Flexible editing, able to edit the file after saving.

PDF Document Scanner needs storage and camera permission to store & scan documents on your phone. We are working hard on making this image scanner better & helpful for you. We welcome your queries & suggestions. Feel free to contact us at: fiftyshadesofapps@gmail.com.

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