ScanHub Launcher - PDF Scanner

ScanHub Launcher - PDF Scanner

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ScanHub Launcher - PDF Scanner

ScanHub Launcher - PDF Scanner

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The ScanHub Launcher transforms your smartphone into a portable document scanner. Just swipe right from your home screen to scan, and let the app take care of the rest! Enjoy quick, convenient scanning, plus effortlessly search the web via multiple access points. Improve your productivity, and never worry about losing important documents.


Document scanning:
Scan your documents accurately and convert them to digital format for easy access anywhere, anytime. Just aim your camera at the document, tap the camera icon, and let the app do the work. ScanHub's built-in flash function allows you to get top-quality scans even in difficult lighting conditions.

Crop, straighten, and fix the perspective of your scans. Additionally, you can rotate your scans and apply filters to improve their clarity.

Highlight & draw:
Make important details stand out. Highlight text using different colors for speed reading. Use the freestyle drawing tool to circle key points, graphics, and diagrams.

e-Signatures & text:
Signing documents is a breeze with this PDF scanner app. You can quickly and easily create, save, and reuse digital signatures. Plus, you can add text to your scans and adjust the font and color to your liking.

Security & privacy:
Add masks to cover sensitive elements of your documents. The document scanner app also lets you add watermarks to make your PDF files more secure. You can even choose the font style and color of your PDF’s watermark.

Create & send PDFs:
Convert your scanned documents into PDFs in seconds. After conversion, you can upload the file to your preferred social media apps, share it through email, or send it via Bluetooth®.

Sort & view scanned files:
Scan anything you want, from business cards to receipts to documents, and retrieve them easily. You'll never lose your scanned files because they're all stored on your device for easy access.

- Sort your files by their creation date, size, or alphabetically.
- Switch between grid view and list view

Save drafts:
ScanHub simplifies the process of scanning multiple files quickly. You can save drafts of your documents to edit later and conveniently rename or delete them as per your requirements.

Web browsing & search:
Explore the endless possibilities of search. Enjoy an enhanced browsing experience with access to web searches from multiple access points.

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