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Last Update 2024 February 6
Nava (Navatel)

Nava (Navatel)

shabakeh gostaran arya samaneh (Navatel)
Version 6.3.2
Install +200 K
Category Social
Size 97 MB
Last Update 2024 February 6
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A new era with Nava (Navatel) Social Network!

  The facility of sending and receiving text, audio and video messages, and files, making groups, quality audio and video calls, and more let you enjoy the relationship with your loved ones.

Have fun with subscribing to Nava channels and find your favourite content easily. If you have content to share, you may create a channel to attract thousands of enthusiastic audiences.

Nava wallet along with specialized channels which are equipped with audio and video call and yet supported by a community of teachers and counselors in a verity of fields such as English, nutrition, psychology, medicine, law, and many more specialties that you may be looking for ways to reduce the need for visiting tutors and counselors in person and pay extra fees to receive your services.

The design and development of Nava are based on user protection and security. It is a top priority and fully guaranteed.


Why Nava?

  • New experiences on social networking and connecting with others
  • A different audio and video call quality
  • Ability to make group voice calls
  • Fast and secure
  • Ability to contact all telecommunication networks in the world at high quality and low cost
  • Receiving advice and training in various fields at any time and any where
  • The versatility that permits offering a variety of consulting and training services without the need for intermediaries and office
  • Exploiting Nava intelligent search to find any required content or information
  • Provided for major platforms including Windows, Android, and iOS
  • 24/7 support

Join Nava network for free right now and prepare to be amazed.


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Unnamed User
اصلن چیزی که تو عکسا هس نیس کانال ایجور چیزا نداره که
یه تومن خط خریدم ولی گه گاه هنگام تماس قطع و وصل میشه ، ترجیح میدم با ایرانسل زنگ بزنم به مشتری ولی صدامو خوب بشنوه، در شرکت هم هر سری میگن آپدیت جدید اومده و بهتر شده، ولی برای من که همون مشکلات سر جاشون هستند
چرا برای حذف اکانت کد نمیاد.لطفا رسیدگی کنید.