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Nava is a powerful Iranian program that provides a free audio and text connection between you and your friends for free. It's easy to use this app by choosing your preferred language and also on all the devices that you use to work with. It's more comfortable, it's available to you. At Nava, privacy and information security of users always have the highest priority.

• Call your contacts for free:

You can call your contacts for free. All you need is an internet connection. Anyone in your contacts who has Nava appears in your contact list on the application. You can also invite everyone from your phone contact list directly from Nava. For that, go to the "All" tab in your contact list in the application where there is an "Invite+" button for the contact who doesn't have Nava application installed. All of them can be easily invited by using that option.

• Nava out: Call your contact's mobile network by internet:

Nava's outstanding feature is that you can use your internet service (not your mobile phone network), to call your contact's mobile phone network in foreign countries. Instead of paying high fees to the telecommunication company for calling foreign mobile networks, you can charge your account in the application with a much cheaper price, and enjoy the same advantages of mobile networks. With this feature, you are actually calling your contact’s phone network with your internet service, so there won’t be any charge from your mobile network provider or telecommunication company.

call support for more information.

• Send messages with Nava messenger:

You can type and send text messages, emoticons, photos and locations to your contacts. You'll also be able to send videos, files and documents up to 250 mb. For that, tap on the attachment icon. You can send all the mentioned multimedia from there instantly. To send voice messages, tap on the microphone icon. For calling your contact from text message screen, tap on the call icon on top of the action bar.

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