Accurate Speedometer, GPS App

Accurate Speedometer, GPS App

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نصب +۵ هزار
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Accurate Speedometer, GPS App

Accurate Speedometer, GPS App

Maaj Tech
نسخهٔ ۱۱.۲۴۲۴
نصب +۵ هزار
دسته‌بندی ابزارها
حجم ۵ مگابایت
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Most accurate intuitive digital HUD GPS speedometer app for your car, train or bicycle ( 🚗 🚴 🚌 🚅 ✈️ 🚁 ). Track your moving speed in any direction as driving reverse or forward. You can track your walking or running speed, it will also record your top speed. Always reset before starting new race. Measure speed in five different velocity scales km/h ( Kilometer per hour ), mph ( Miles per hour ), mps ( Meter per second ), Knots ( nautical mile per hour ), ft/s ( Feets per second ).

Features :

a) GPS Speed meter / Odometer :

1 ) Offline Speed measure and distance traveled to app for your smart phone and tablet.

2 ) Intuitive UI with Portrait and Landscape Screen Orientation and best GUI with 4 different Skin-pack Day / Night themes.

3 ) Light and fast app for better battery power saving optimized.

4 ) Get record the top max speed of your journey trip.

5 ) No matter you are in a public transport, metro train or bus, just get the exact real time speed and distance traveled.

b ) ⏰ Speed Warning Alarm :

1 ) Enable and set speed limit value. When speed goes beyond limit it will start alarm.

2 ) Safety tool if your vehicle speedo has died prevents you from over-speeding and speeding tickets.

3 ) Easily switch to any scale from km/h to mph, knots, fts, mps.

c ) ⏺️ Top Speed :

1 ) Auto saves max top speed in any selected units scales.

2 ) Record and override top speed when breaks previous one.

3 ) Easily tap and Reset to 0 before starting new race.

d ) HUD View 🪞 :

1 ) HUD view mirror the display of car windscreen reflection.

2 ) Help stays eyes always on road.

3 ) Day time add a dark shade plastic or glass to windshield for better display.

Accuracy Mode Adjust
There are two types of accuracy. Users can easily adjust desired one based on their cars speedometer.


1 ) Best set where car speedometer in mph or km/h . Just set your desired one and avail the speed limit safety.

2 ) Get your speed in 5 different velocity scales with instant run time top speed tracker.

3 ) Best for walking, running, riding, boating, biking, driving, flying, skiing, skating,
swimming and jogging to get your instant real speed.

Speed Test

🎞️ Video demonstrates instant speed view and real time updates as sync with car speedometer.

🌐 Languages Support :

This app supports up to 48 locale languages.

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Disclaimer :

First make sure your smart phone GPS location sensor hardware works good and haven't any issue with 🛰️ satellite connection.

Safety Tips:

While driving place your phone in holder or any stand to make get speed View at a glance. Use Best way to get speed with HUD display. Also set warning alarm to avoid over speeding.

This is a free app and can work without any internet connection.

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