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Clame (Ca(l)mme) is an intelligent assistant for stress management. This application  connects to the headset using Bluetooth and receives EEG signal (the electrical waves of the brain). Clame  can express the attention and relaxation of the user and provide various relaxation technique, such as breathing, music, and so on. During exercise, Calme continuesly measures stress level and provides appropriate feedback to reduce user stress untile s/he reaches the desired level of relaxation.

Using Calme, you can monitor your stress and relaxation level daily. Determine the best time to do activities that require more relaxation. Compare your level of relaxation and stress with others and participate in the challenges of achieving more relaxation!

Calme processor has 5 different tabs: "Profiles - Signal - Exercises - Reports and guidance" which are "user information, EEG signal and bandpower, relaxation techniques, history and user Guide" respectively.

Note: To use this app, it is essential to rent/buy a headset using Neurochallenge site.(

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