Helping Service

Helping Service

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Maybe it has happened so far that you've gone, changing the oil and service, giving you a card, and you lost that card, or your child lost it?

So now you want to see another oil change and you do not know what oil was used or what was done last time!

This is the only thing we can not remember, our cell phone

Now, it's better to keep this service card on this mobile phone.

With this program, you can easily manage your own services

(Exactly the same as a booklet or card), but electronically.

Features of the program:

- Ability to insert and edit the name of the oil change or the address and code that you give

- Can register service unlimited by date

-Ability to back up information (manual and auto)

- Ability to retrieve information in case of deletion

- Simple and unique user interface

Hope you enjoy the app

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