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Bahac application (Targeted Agricultural Market) as a comprehensive application of medicinal plants, based on the Appcell application platform to belongs to Nab Fartak System Company, which designed and is ready for operation with the participation and cooperation of the National Medicinal Plants Project affiliated to the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture and its purpose is to launch the value chain of medicinal plants from the stage of cultivation, maintenance and harvesting to the stage of their processing, such as extracts, essential oils, teas and to the stage of supplying raw materials required by pharmaceutical companies.

In the value chain of medicinal plants, all economic actors, including activists in the value chain, such as farmers, producers of herbal Tea, and producers of extracts and essential oils, seeds and packaging systems, to suppliers of machinery and equipment and consumables, Chain stores active in rural chain cooperatives, support funds, transportation systems can operate.

Bahac trading platform is a good market for holding tenders and auctions, establishing direct communication between producers and final consumers, and giving a wide range of buyers access to suppliers, thus increasing buyers and reducing monopoly.

One of the main results of Bahac is to maximize the selling price by farmers due to holding auctions and minimizing the purchase price by final consumers through tenders, so that farmers, as the base and weak of society, as the main suppliers, are the most important and economical activities.

Commercial networking of medicinal plants, up to the stage of herbal medicines, is organized not only in Iran, but also in the global network of commercialization of medicinal plants.

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