Brick Monster:Balls Blast Game

Brick Monster:Balls Blast Game

Version 2.1.3
Install +10
Category Puzzle
Size 69 MB
Last Update 2023 March 11
Brick Monster:Balls Blast Game

Brick Monster:Balls Blast Game

RedFish Games
Version 2.1.3
Install +10
Category Puzzle
Size 69 MB
Last Update 2023 March 11
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Welcome to the best relaxing game - <font color="red">Brick Monster</font>! Brick Monster is a free classic brick breaker game that combines many popular elements such as magic, monster, pinball blast, war, elf shooter, stone boss and so on. You will love its cartoon art style, it’s a relaxing epic magic ball shooting game which is suitable for both adults and kids! You play a justice elf hero who has a small body but contains immense energy in game! Let’s have a hearty battle with invaliding monster army in the magic kingdom!

🍀 <font color="red">Gameplay</font>
* As a powerful elf hero, you must resist attacks from monster army! Shoot balls to eliminate offensive monsters!
* Monsters can cause damage to you, please find the right angle, aim your targets, shoot magic balls, create multiple strikes and pinball blast, try to let more balls to hit enemy group, and destroy them before they attack!
* Each elf hero has a unique exclusive skill, you can use it to send them to meet God easily if monsters hard to kill.
* No matter how powerful the monster army is, don’t worry about it, use the mysterious potion to get extra attribution bonus to help you get victory!
* Develop a strategy to eliminate epic monster target first, which will result in a multiplier effect.
* You will get random attribute bonuses if reach the specified combos, for example, increase damage of each magic ball, increase the quantity of balls, restore a certain amount of health, and increase the probability of double damage. The higher the combos, the more attribute bonuses you get.
* Receive epic reward after completing a level, use coins to upgrade elf skills!
* Unlock advanced elf to get more powerful magic power!
* Complete achievement, claim more free rewards!

👑 <font color="red">Game Features</font>
* An epic free casual game! You must love the cartoon art style!
* Hundreds of well-designed levels, more than 40 different kinds of monsters are waiting for you to explore!
* Best casual game to kill time! Experience the thrill of multiple ball trikes!
* A legend offline game, play without internet and wherever you want!
* Smooth and easy control, low configuration models can also be played at will!
* Relaxing music and sound, help you release stress, delight body and mind!
* 5 different attributes of elves can be chosen!
* A super value benefit we prepare for you – piggy bank!
* You can get rewards by many ways! Let you enjoy more fun!

Brick Monster is an epic free casual pinball breaker legend game! It combines a variety of popular elements such as brick, pinballs, monster, magic, elf, war, shooter, stone blast. Rich gameplay, exquisite art style, excellent level design, all of these will bring you a perfect gaming experience! Justice and evil, hero and monster, peace and war, guard and invasion, these oppositions run through the game. You need to stand on the side of justice and guard this pure land! The monsters in game are all represented in the form of bricks and stones. As an elf hero, you need to resist their invasion, and crush their attacks. Please pay attention to their fighting method, adjust your shooting strategy, release the magic balls and create ball blast to crush them all! Don’t forget to use your special skill if you meet big boss, and give him a fatal strike! At the same time, pay attention to your magic barrier during battles, it’s your last fortress! Hope you become an excellent ball shooter, qualified guardian of the kingdom and terrifying brick monster breaker!

Join this epic casual brick breaker game now! We look forward your joining! The kingdom needs heroes like you to stop terrible wars!

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