Brick Monster:Balls Blast Game

Brick Monster:Balls Blast Game

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Brick Monster:Balls Blast Game

Brick Monster:Balls Blast Game

RedFish Games
نسخهٔ ۲.۱.۳
۶۹ مگابایت
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"Magic vs Monster will change the way you think about bricks breaker Idle RPGs" – PocketGamer

Welcome to "Hero War - Magic vs Monster Bounzy Brick Idle RPG Game!" We're back with more new content!. You can crush various monsters as a wizard! In this wizard brick breaker arcade game, you can release wizard powers, and use your pinball skills to crush monsters, defeat the Demon King and save the world!Easy to play, Fascinating RPG storyline!

🔮 How to play?
- Click and swipe to aim at monsters
- Launch the magic ball after selecting the best angle
- Use your exclusive skill to destroy monsters by a critical strike
- Complete levels with full stars and get rewards
- Collect story comics and unlock magic skills or heroes

🍀 How to win?
- Select a best angle to bounce ballz as many times as possible to crush the monsters
- The more times the magic ball bounces, the more damage it causes to monsters, and you will also receive a high combo reward
- Bounce ballz is the key to crush monsters
- Upgrade skills to make yourself powerful
- Unlock advanced characters to get more powerful wizard

❤️ The reasons that you fall in love with Hero War - Magic vs Monster Bounzy Brick Idle RPG Game
- A free arcade wizard game.A new type of Bricks Ball Crusher bounzy game.
- Over 300 challenging levels and over 40 kinds of funny monsters are waiting for you to explore
- Great graphics and easy to play
- Best time killer and play it anywhere.Offline IDLE RPG Game!
- Five different characters Arcane, Fire, Thunder, Frost and Storm with cool special effects bring you a different magic-power experience
- Sign-in for great rewards
- Piggy bank offers you lots of coins
- Fascinating storyline,a story about defeating the devil and saving the world, waiting for you to explore

It’s a amazing bricks and ballz game. The monsters are like bricks. But they have different looks ,and different skills. You are a wizard with magic power in Hero War - Magic vs Monster Bounzy Brick Idle RPG Game, you need to be a monster breaker hero. Practice your ability, upgrade magic arcade skills, and crush all monsters, protect your homeland, and become the wizard master! You will fight against various powerful monsters in different maps: Will Mountains, Mystical Valley, Lava Land and etc. Keep an eye on their fighting style and adjust your launch strategy so that you can get victory successfully. Also pay attention to your magic barrier in battle, that is your last fortress!

Hero Beautiful Fantasy Battle Adventure: fight for an Ultimate power in PvE arena battles, guild wars & rpg idle battle campaigns.

Fight for the Ultimate power in a Major War. Tame the chaos, clear the attacked by the Evil lands of Dominion. Set your rules. - It’s your world from now on! Dominate it.
Gain the collection of the mightiest Heroes, unlock all their skills and abilities. Power them up to a level beyond attainment, experience them in PvE Arena battles, Guild wars and RPG battle campaigns - make your Heroes invincible and win a Major War. Establish your own everlasting RPG legacy.Kingdom is waiting for its Hero!

You are playing a Hero War - Magic vs Monster Bounzy Brick Idle RPG Game, which is a nice time killer. Because crushing bricks with a wand and magic is entertainment!Enjoy the amazing Bricks Ball Crusher game!

Welcome to join our Magic Academy!

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