Audio Maqtal Imam Hussein (AS)

Audio Maqtal Imam Hussein (AS)

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in the name of God
Lhvf of the most prestigious book yet written about the events of Karbala Imam Husain (PBUH) is the smallest Mqatl.
The app includes text Maqtal Lhvf (Maqtal of Imam Hussein (AS)) and voice (IVR) is.
Section of the application:
Part 1 Maqtal and Meysam docile Shrine is consistent with a beautiful voice.

2. Maqtal Lhvf Lhvf section that has text in section 16 along with voice (IVR) is

Maqtal sections:

-Hvads Before the Ashura

-Namh Yazid to Walid Governor of Medina

-Input Hussein to Mecca

-Mslm Bin Aqeel ambassador of Imam Hussein (AS)

Transmission Muslim (as)

Severe -Drgyry Hazrat Muslim (as)

-Hrkt Imam Hussein (PBUH) from Mecca

-Astrdad Property idolatrous

-Mlaqat Caravan of Imam Hussein (AS)

-Symay Fighting in Karbala

-Hvads Ashura

-Pyvstn Move to Hussein (AS)

-The Loss of relatives of Imam Hussein (AS)

-Nbrd Heroic Hussein (AS)

Dedicated to lovers of Hazrat Abdullah Aba Al-Hussein (AS)

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