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Job Locations

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The release date of the job placement program in the market is 2018-02-20

- You started your new job, but nobody knows you?

- You just changed your mind, but nobody has any adverts?

- You advertise your job on social networks or sites but have not seen the channel or page address yet?

- You buy your city or another city but you do not know where to buy?

- Looking for a particular street or a city, but do you go wrong?

- It's a good business card but its location is not good and you do not see the public?

You made an auction, but do not you know a lot about it?

- You spent your advertising for a big business but did not use it?

- And . . . .

Job Locator is an app for showing your business and cartoons on a map, which the customer can only find a job on the map by simply typing the name of the province and the city and the job they are looking for, and the specifications, services or channel of the telegram or the address of your site and She also sees her position. And whenever you want to change the location and all the profile of the student, you can edit everything.

The other feature of this easy-to-use app is that it's easy to work with, apart from the location of the customer to the location of your job, it clearly identifies the route to make finding your workplace easier for the customer.

The new version of this app comes with more features.

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