Learning games for kids 2-5 yo

Learning games for kids 2-5 yo

Version 1.0.3
Install +1 K
Category Kids
Size 46 MB
Last Update 2023 May 2
Learning games for kids 2-5 yo

Learning games for kids 2-5 yo

Version 1.0.3
Install +1 K
Category Kids
Size 46 MB
Last Update 2023 May 2
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Learning games for kids – is a collection of exciting learning and educational mini games for kids!
Сombine business with pleasure! Play and learn with your kids in toddler mini games for boys and girls right on your smartphone screen with no wifi. Bright images of funny animals will lighten the tension and make your preschool kid's pastime in our games for the little users more fascinating.
A coloring book, a math game, shapes and sizes – what will you choose?

~~~ FEATURES ~~~

✓ Play 4 different learning mini baby games
✓ Develop kids logical thinking
✓ Study perception of colors, shapes, and numbers
✓ Learn numbers and arithmetic
✓ Explore the color palette
✓ Use the app independently
✓ Engage in educational games and have fun

Are you ready? So, let's dive into this magical universe of learning games for kids!

~ Huge or tiny? Red or blue? ~
Our kids games are a perfect option for kids of preschool age who love playing games. Learn to sort the objects by their colors, as well as to count and distinguish them by shapes and sizes.

~ Train fine motor skills ~
Our toddler games will help your kids as to improve their fine motor, as just to knead little fingers in their free time. Have played - have a rest!

~ Develop kids logic ~
Play learning mini-games for 2,3,4,5+ years old kids and develop logical thinking. Let your kid guess and define the right answer on a problem by himself. Get prepared to reason, think and learn!

~ One-two-three-four ~
Our mini-games are also designed to teach children who go to kindergarten the basics of arithmetic and elementary counting. Learn the name of the numbers and practice solving simple arithmetic examples in math games.

~ Play the kids coloring book ~
Teach kids to recognize color shades with learning games for kids coloring pages. Choose a beautiful animal picture and color it in extraordinary colors in our games for babies and toddlers! Make a pink elephant, a blue crocodile, and an orange hippo. Let your child's imagination run wild!

~ The kid can independently use the application ~
Forget the complicated interface! Your kid can easily use our application with baby games on their own.

~ Lots of fun and learning ~
Embark on an exciting journey with different characters from the world of learning games for kids. Learn while having fun!

Also, in-app purchases are available in the application, which are made only with the consent of the user.

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