Educational games for toddlers

Educational games for toddlers

Version 1.0.2
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Category Kids
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Last Update 2024 January 25
Educational games for toddlers

Educational games for toddlers

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Version 1.0.2
Install +2 K
Category Kids
Size 85 MB
Last Update 2024 January 25
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Educational games for toddlers age 3 5 are kindergarten learning games. Educational games for kids in our kids academy. Games for 3 year old girls!👨‍👩‍👦

👨‍👩‍👦Early education for toddlers offers a variety of learning games for kids 5 years. Your child will master all necessary preschool topics: shapes, colors, logic etc. All kids games in this app were created by professional specialists🧑‍🎓️.

🍉Funny Food 5: 🍏
TODDLERS PUZZLES - sort out the funny foods;
MATCHING - find all the matching pairs;
LOGIC - way to develop attention and logical thinking;
SIZES - sort food by size and load them to the helicopter;
SHAPES - water magical garden full of vegetables
and many others!

All games are available for 2 year old toddlers and above in English voice-over. 🏫These baby learning games for kindergarten have a simple interface. Early education for 2 year old toddlers game helps kids to LEARN SHAPES AND COLORS and LEARN COUNT from 1 to 5 easily. For example, COLORS FOR TODDLERS is sorting cute fruits and vegetables by color. We offer kids games free for 5 year old kindergarten age kids as a part of preschool education.

Please note: there is only a part of the content from the screenshots available in the free version of the application. To gain access to the whole content, you need to make the in-app purchase.

This is a unique pack of educational games for kindergarten and home study. Learning kids games for children 3 4 years is an important part of preschool education. Kids are developing thinking through math and logical tasks and unleash their imagination.

🎓Early education for childrens 2-5 years old
🤓Progress in logic, attention and thinking for kids
👨‍👩‍👦Training fine motor skills for preschoolers
🎨Growth of thinking skills through math
🍊Simple interface of kindergarten learning
😃English voice-over
👓Parental control

🌟About Erudito Plus:🌟

😍These preschool education apps for toddlers have been created by Erudito Plus, who develops interactive children learning app for toddlers age 3 to 6.

🤗 With our educational games child will learn the alphabet, letters, numbers and phonics. Our games for preschoolers comply with the standards of “Designed For Family”.

If you have a question about our educational games for kids, get in touch at:

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