Sudoku - Classic Brain Puzzle

Sudoku - Classic Brain Puzzle

Version 3.0.1
Install +50 K
Category Puzzle
Size 12 MB
Last Update 2024 April 18
Sudoku - Classic Brain Puzzle

Sudoku - Classic Brain Puzzle

Volcano Entertainment
Version 3.0.1
Install +50 K
Category Puzzle
Size 12 MB
Last Update 2024 April 18
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Want to workout your brain and relief stress? You got the right place! Sudoku classic puzzle game (Japanese: 数独, originally called Number Place) is want you need.
Whether you'd like take a relax or get a small break, Sudoku by Volcano is a good sudoku puzzle game you can find for low time cost entertainment, it'll help you to learn and improve your sudoku levels, and during the game, your mind gets activated and your brain exercised.
With our hint system, aka the sudoku solver, will teach you all the skills you need to solve the sudoku puzzles step by step, and the instructions are very easy to understand, also with helpful animations and colorful visual effects. The hint system will not only tell you the answer but also help you to understand why the answer is, whether you're completely sudoku kids, or the way to sudoku master.
Our free suduko puzzle games comes with ads, but if you want play sudoku no ads, you're always welcome try our Premium Access which you can play sudoku without ads and enjoy much exclusive features.

We created this innovative free soduko game with several various key features:
★ Sukudo variations such as squiggly, X and Color
★ 8 difficulty levels from very easy sudoku to extreme sudoko
★ Hint system help you to learn how to solve the suduko brain puzzle
★ Career statistics to keep track of your sudoku status
★ Get more soduku puzzle free of chare from online sudoku games
★ Compete with global players in the Champions Challenge and win the bounty
★ The custom puzzle can let you create your super sudoku puzzles as composed by yourself, or from the paper sudoku
★ More than 15000 sudoku free games waiting for you

during the sodoku game, you will be able to
★ Auto highlighted numbers for the intelligent hint
★ Use pencil marks
★ Double-tap the cell to erase numbers
★ Use various kind of items, like check the errors
★ Unlimited redo & undo

you can also found more useful functions to traing your sudoku mechanics
★ You can share with your friends via Twitter or Facebook
★ Auto-save, you can pause at any time you like without losing any progress
★ Use Dark Mode in the night to protect your eyes
★ Timer, you can also disable it in settings
★ Selected cell highlighting
★ Incorrect digits mark
★ Enchanting visual effects
★ You can also play sudoku offline
★ Various numerals like Chinese number
★ Premium Access provide sudoku ad free
★ Universal App looks great on phone and tablet
★ Daily puzzle competition to get mindsport for your brain
★ Give us feedback in the game, with your help we'll make the sudoku game better

We hope you will enjoy the stunning designs of our good sudoku brain puzzle games free of charge, it's a classic brain teaser mindsport game that helps to workout your brain! All for FREE!

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