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Chakaad Puzzle + Sudoku

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" Chakaad Crossword Puzzle and Sudoku " is an application designed and developed by " Haft Sang Game Studio " with cooperation of  " Chakaad puzzle ", not only for fun but to help people to improve their Farsi vocabulary skills and to put the language in a better use.
So in spite of some other apps we obliged to deliver a standard content which is fully made by experts, and we also have tried to use correct words with precise definitions.

Some of the boldest features of this application:

* Awesome and unique art design

* Content update without having to download the entire application

* Cross word puzzle and Sudoku in the same package

* Standard and interesting levels in three different sizes

* 400 Sudoku puzzle in three different difficulty levels

*    Instructions to solve Sudoku for rookies.

*    Magnifying the questions without zooming the entire level

*    The ability to zoom in and out for a better view in large levels

* Regular Weekly updates

* Three types of hint in cross word and Sudoku


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