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In this application with text, translation and audio Ashura pilgrimage with you.

In addition to audio His Majesty the app is offline Voice your loved ones can also download other admirers.

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Saleh, son of Aqaba, the fifth Imam (PBUH) said, quoting his father Imam Baqir (as) said: "He who on the day of Ashura, Imam Hussein closely with tearful eyes pilgrimage, God reward gives him. " Aqaba, the Prophet said: "My life is Yours! he is greeted him and curse the oppressors and killers now. Then two prayers for his pilgrimage to read and what are you going to cry misery. Clan also encourage this practice. " Then at the end, adding: "I can guarantee anyone will do it, God remembered to give him a reward."

Continue on Ashura pilgrimage

the other eye was blind. But that person was healed. One of his relatives, Imam Husain in a dream world that he said: "We continue to Ashura pilgrimage that she had, her other eye health of our God."

Only Ziyarat Ashura

One of the Grand Strand says: Mohammedia mosque prayer leader of Qom, Mr. Hojjat al-Islam Seyyed Mehdi burqa told me: "After the accident that happened to me, I have forgotten surprisingly, in such a way that I saw his entire family and children, but none of them did not know. The only thing that I had not forgotten, Ashura pilgrimage that I read it from memory. "

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