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Cut your link and make money.

The OuO Shortener software can help you make money by sharing content.

Please read for inherent pleasure.

This software takes and shortens your links and helps you to share content.

Where is OuO's revenue?

Your long link is shortened by the software and advertised for 3 seconds by the OuO service, which is part of your earnings.

How is the recipe used?

To earn money, first sign up for the service and sign up for the OuO service after signing up

Note that when entering, the sign should be kept. (To avoid error)

Once logged in, get the downloaded ID and copy the full red second link. After copying the software, it automatically enters the primary section and your id is set.

Each of the links you can short and earn for you.

The amount of your income from the number of times your short link opens.

Your income will be paid in dollars.

For more information, see the software.

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