Chess Timer

Chess Timer

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Play chess more professional. If you would like to use the chess clock in your matchs, this is a professional chess clock that provide all features of a real chess clock.

6 main chess timing method is included in this app.

Sudden Death - Fischer - Bronstein - Simple Delay - Hourglass - Overtime Format -

Each of the high-end timing methods is fully customizable. Base time, delay time and number of moves in different time modes can be customized, and also for different players can be defined different times.

When the timer is running Due to the fact that the players should concentrate on the game, the timer color has been chosen so that it does not distract players. Buttons are also big enough to be touched without looking at the timer.

You can use this timer for any other game or turn-based competition.

This app is completely free and without ads. So do not wait too long and try it out. Hope you enjoy it. Please submit your comments and suggestions through this page and the communication paths listed within the program.

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