Saving the Moon

Saving the Moon

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For many centuries, the moon has been orbiting around the earth, which in turn orbited around the sun. There seems to be nothing extraordinary about it. But what if some celestial objects get in the orbits of the moon and the earth. Can we just be bystanders? No, we should act to save them.

Saving the Moon is a simple score game that could engage you for hours. It is easy to play. Avoid celestial objects by jumping over them. Remember, it will not be that easy to earn high scores! If you are playing again and again and keep losing, don’t get disappointed. You can watch videos or sell planets to gain “Fast Starts” and score higher the next time.

Game features:

-Simple yet arresting graphic design

-Fantastic soundtrack in harmony with design

- The game includes “Saving the Moon” and “Saving the Earth”. You can unlock “Saving the Earth” in return for planets inside the app.

-Easy control using one finger


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