Mention Counter

Mention Counter

Version 2.9
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In the Name Of ALLAH

It's a Mention Couter for every mention (ZEKR) you need.

<< If the program hase well received (both download and vote) the programme will be develope more >>


- types of mention counters :
    -today of week counter
    -salavaat counter
    -"every mention" counter you need

    -Praises of Hazrat Zahra
- Settings :
    -vibrate volume
    -background change color
    -use "Volume Keys" to counter the mention

    -Beautiful Animations(enable / disable it)

    -Options to use Full of Screen to Increase Mentions
-number of mentions will save in app
-quick access in every page to settings
-long vibrate to Hint to end of mentions
-choose to starting number of mention counter
-you should long touch on button to reset the counter
-improved for little , normal and large screen And for 7inch and 10inch tablet
-landscape and portrate designed to convenience with big tablets
-supporting android 4.2 to 6
-tested on :
    -Samsung Galaxy Note3 , Note4 , Note5
    -Samsung Galaxy S6 , S2
    -Samsung Galaxy A5
    -Samsung Galaxy tab S , tab 2
    -Huawei Honor 4c

Don't forget to set your date and time!!!

High size of app due to the high quality of the program and modify it to a variety of devices in different in size and pixel density.

No Any ADS!

please every comment or suggestion or criticism or problem you have, be sure to tell me (via email)

If life is God willing, I will add more features to the app.

A blessing and a comment on the program is enough for me!
please pray for me

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