Professional Zikr Counter

Professional Zikr Counter

Version 5.2
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You can use this App to count Salavat or any other kind of Zekr.

Further, you can use this App on Android 2.1 or above.


  • Completely redesigned the UI
  • Made necessary changes to make the app compatible with the latest Android version 9 (Android Pir)
  • You can use all screen as add bottom.
  • Move automatically between Tasbiah Hazrat Zahra
  • Notify user when they get to man count
  • Added Useful Menu to All Added Zekr
  • Now You Can Share the App
  • Add new Zekr

  • Edit added Zekr 
  • Delete added Zekr

  • Add Tasbihate Hazrat Zahra
  • Add week Zikr
  • Reverse counting
  • use volume keys for counting
  • Use the volume key to count
  • Vibrate while you count
  • Add exit to option menu
  • Add scroll to the page
  • Save counter before exit.
  • Alert before reset counter.
  • Reduce App size.
  • Increase + button
  • Increase the counter font size.

In addition, this App is in the developing time, so, you can send any kind of problem report or suggestion to Salavat@

Pray for us, Please.

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