Remove and install the group (new)

Remove and install the group (new)

Version 3.1.1
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An advanced and powerful tool for managing and deleting programs

An unmatched toolkit is a suite of features and features for managing installed applications that you can use to get the most out of your needs according to your needs.

Check out the apps you use least of all and just remove them with a single touch; apart from the main functionality of the program we mentioned, if necessary, by making a backup copy at any time. Your apps will not go away, and if you accidentally delete them, you can easily restore them.

    Remove unlicensed apps in bulk
    Ability to back up and restore data with just one touch
    Search for apps in internal storage, Android markets, or websites
    Customize the list of displayed apps as you wish
    View details of programs such as size, installation time, package and ...
    Simple and easy user interface

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