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"Secret SMS

The founder of the most professional group texting and regional systems in Iran. "

SMS bulk separation of the province, city, and street area (a cell phone number database managers all Iranian businesses to differentiate and categorize jobs)

Texting based on age and gender segregation

Send SMS to mobile number in the region (rig BTS)

Sending mass faxes and voice texting volumes for the first time!

IVR allows setting up your workplace (PBX)

The business name you want (for example, company name or your store)

Sending SMS Flash (from the moment of receipt, automatically open)

Back Price has been posted messages online

Sending SMS from the system by mobile phone without Ahtyach the computer and the Internet

Secretary of SMS (text messages received accountability for you to fit in your absence)

7 lines offer free SMS with the 8-digit numbers 021, 5000, 3000, 2000, 1000, 9000 and provide a dedicated 14-digit line to send and receive

Write smart (insert names of your contacts automatically at the beginning of a text)

Possibility of setting up your fixed line in place of the short message system to send SMS

Web site: www.razpayamak.com

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