Exercise during pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy

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In this program you will learn that women's sports do you do during your pregnancy

Do some physical exercise while maintaining the health of the mother and fetus particular, facilitates the process of childbirth during pregnancy, according to research results strengthen the muscles of the pelvic area with the help of special exercise considerable influence in facilitating the process of pregnant women.
Pregnant women with pregnancy complications or have medical problems, you should exercise most days of the week for 30 minutes at moderate intensity involved. Therefore, before doing any kind of exercise, pregnant must reject any condition or disease by a physician, Azjht be checked. To prevent imbalance and wear appropriate shoes with heel short is recommended.
Recall that at the same time also to pregnant women with pregnancy progresses, reduce the intensity of exercise, drink enough fluids before and during exercise. After the first three months of regular exercise in the supine position, refrain. During pregnancy, especially in the last quarter refrain from moves such as running and jumping.

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