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FOROSHA perfume
"FOROSHA" as the first and most comprehensive encyclopedia and intelligent exhibition with perfume, to help you confidently walk into unknown worlds and opening different fragrances, perfumes and colognes look to land. .
By intelligent structure this program can easily find your favorite fragrance and the very specialized information, with minimal time and cost may be, it is immediacy, pick your doorstep!

"FOROSHA" you will need everything!
"FOROSHA" can use in addition to thousands of other consulting interested cologne, to exchange views on each of them and also prepare a beautiful showcase of your favorite fragrance, experiences and memories to share with others!

Do not miss your chance!
In "FOROSHA" an 'exceptional sales "that are constantly and daily, fragrance world's top brands for limited hours, a real auction are set up and you can get them at a price truly unique!

Some features of the exhibition " FOROSHA perfume" include:
- Prices fully up to date and online all the world's top perfume.
- Special discount perfume than all other providers in the country.
- Sent to all parts of the country completely free of all cologne (less than 24 hours in Tehran and 72 hours in all parts of the country).
- Supply high quality and 100% original.
- Guarantee the authenticity of the product and to return all products in the event of any conflict.
- Armor and stylish package to send goods.
- Specials exceptional service as the first real auction of the world's top perfume!
- The possibility of fully online payment or pay the cost of products for card to card.
- Delivery tracking code for every purchase.
- The possibility of contact and telephone consultation with experts perfume before selecting any of the products.
- Provides products of more than 100 branded perfume manufacturer in the world.
- Update and encyclopedia continuous exhibition with the newest perfume in the world.

Some other special features " FOROSHA perfume" include:
- Looks very attractive and eye-catching, based on the latest standards of UI and UX.
- Powerful and structured “FOROSHA” core software and online loading capability expected in the database makes it “FOROSHA” Unlike all other apps, you need a permanent connection to the Internet truly mobile and encyclopedia Your turn.
- Specialized knowledge of top perfume brands in the world, such as product name, manufacturer, year, gender, smell mold, cologne volume, price, season of use, the durability, the smell spread, the type of concentration, analysis features and specifications Each of perfumes, fragrances and main characteristics (Main Accords), the primary video viewing notes (Top Notes), intermediate (Middle Notes) and Main (Main Notes).
- Internal smart search engine and recommendation system cologne that helps you step by step, and on the basis of gender, nature, favorite, popular brands, seasonal use, the cost and flexibility of prices, find your favorite cologne check.
- Choice and advanced Flytrasyvn all perfumes and cologne on the basis of gender, brand, fragrances and prices.
- View charts in popularity each with characteristics of popular cologne among the thousands of audience trilogy (I love, love, hate).
- View charts in wearing any perfume considered among the thousands of audience characteristics (high, medium, low).
- See a chart of each perfume smells player. Among the thousands of audience with characteristics (high, medium, low).
- Interesting information about top companies and brands perfume manufacturer in the world.
- Ability to create a stunning showcase of popular cologne.
- Ability to share and introduce Cologne to others.
- Comprehensive Bank Training various articles such as "aromatherapy", "durable fragrances", "Critical Notes on the use of the cologne", "Important Notes on the correct choice of perfume", "implementation of the fragrances with the characters", "fragrance material" and many other articles ...

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