Instagram Education

Instagram Education

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Attantion: this app is not compeletly free.

Due to the lack of a comprehensive and complete educational application for Instagram in persian, Parsdroid programming group, was to design and produce the application.

The application is absolutely free and in addition to training in plain language and with images, including advanced training as well.

This application is designed to convert novice users to professional users after reading it.

List of the application instructions include:

• Instagram introduce

•Instagram installation

• Sign in or Create an account

• Use Instagram

• Edit Account

• Change Account image

• Share photos and videos

• Edit Photo

• editing description of images

• Map (Photo map)

• Find and follow a particular person or page

•?What are tags? How to use it

•?What is a Hashtag? How to use it

• several Instagram popular hashtags

• Download and save photos and videos

•Send private in Instagram (Direct)

• Subscriptions or Notifications

• Send Instagram photos to social networks

• ways to become famous in Instagram

• Instagram Options

• Password Recovery

• Instagram FAQs

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