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Parkour (Parkour) or the art of handling a new way to interact with the environment using only the human capabilities. David Bell, the founder of parkour in France, said: "The physical aspect of parkour, Ghlbhkrdn over all the obstacles ahead, just like you're stuck in an emergency. Parkour is not just a mere gestures, but the series is targeted and has its own philosophy. The goal of parkour, reaching the destination using the most efficient, smoothest and straightest route and the most appropriate action, which may include running, jumping, climbing and crawling. "The" efficiency "is one of the most important characteristics of parkour, and it means that the fastest movements are not necessary, but it must be done direct and spend less energy and prevents injuries are long term or short term.

In this app you step by step parkour movements in three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced learn.

Video tutorials and animated images on film

Parkour training rules


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