Battle Cars

Battle Cars

Version 0.1.73
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Battle Car

This game requires at least 1 GB of RAM for optimal performance and performance on poor phones.

Win a Race Fight a Crash Destroy Destroy Defend Attack Escape Run Wing Football Play Rally and do custom steps and customize with different soccer machines or chase down the destroyer .

Sporting and Towing capabilities and a variety of car customization and battle tools for the car (color - sticker - rim - fin - separate rear and front height - hood - roof - and hinges - target automatic barrage)

In this crazy car game they hit you and try to act fast on your battlefield and show your hand.

The game includes different stages:

- Chasing cars to destroy

- Attack machines to destroy

- Caring for flowers

- Wing car races

- Racing between cars and car giant attack on unprotected road

- Different drift with different stages

- Customization and customization of the stage with the ability to match and customize the opponent's cars

- New Driving and Drifting Machine game at Death Square with crazy cars and crazy cars

This game has 488 stages to play + custom build stages where you can customize your layout and enjoy the game.



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