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Note: Since the game graphics are very high, in the settings, graphics and crowd density in accordance with your mobile power set so you do not have trouble running the game!

I invite you to the best car and adventure game! The beautiful game of Turbo Challenge (GTA) takes you to a beautiful and exciting world with a whole lot of Iranian and foreign cars.

In this game you are free to do whatever you want, first you have to buy a car for yourself and then go out into the city and enjoy the great area of the game.

Note : that this game is not just a car and you can get out of the car and walk and play in the woods or the beach and even steal people's cars and ride around with them.

The game environments are very diverse and include forest, plain, urban, airport, railway station, beach and so on. From the very beginning of the game you can explore all these areas.

Game Features:

- Highly realistic graphics

- Great variety in gaming machines

- Existence of Iranian and foreign machines in the game

- Graphic settings for those with weak handsets

- Ability to walk in the game

- Very large map

- Too many details on the game

- Includes forest areas, plain, urban, airport, railway station, beach and ...

- In this game you are free to do whatever you want

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Wait for the game updates to be added to the overall mission, engine and car game and follow our telegram channel for updates.


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