onetaj | Online consultation (user)

onetaj | Online consultation (user)

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The first comprehensive counseling application in Iran

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 oneTaj Consulting Community System, experts in various fields of counseling including immigration, law, psychology and family, nutrition, marriage, fashion and clothing, skin and hair, beauty, children and children, animals, cooking, education and field selection Computer and software, sports and club, tourism, midwifery and obstetrics, medicine, nursing, addiction treatment, religion, engineering, traditional medicine, insurance, environment, flowers and plants, mechanics, business from all over the country Bring users to get advice.

Online chat

Users can send the subject of their consultation to the relevant consultant in the form of text message, voice message and file and conduct their conversation in a warm and professional atmosphere.


The platform created for the main use of application services to receive advice is completely Reagan and no amount is received from users to communicate with the consultant.


All information sent and received between users and consultants such as files and text data is exchanged in a secure environment, and OneTaj has created this privacy for users.


In this system, all available categories are fully supported so that users can meet all their needs with one application without the need to search.

stable security

Due to the insecurity of the environment and the World Wide Web, data exchange should be conducted in a secure environment that is out of reach of profiteers.oneTaj has provided this environment.

Reactive design

The user interface of this system and the experience that working with users and consultants in working with applications will be an attractive and sweet experience

Simple and functional

While the system is not visually complicated, users will be technically in touch with consultants in a simple yet beautiful yet powerful environment.

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