Herbal prescriptions

Herbal prescriptions

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One of the biggest software has to traditional medicine
Treatment plant in various ways.
Wrap yourself for Bymarytvn version
Chemical drugs as much as possible aside
Mixing some amazing treatment plant
From the words of al-Biruni Razi Ismail Attar Jurjani and ...
A complete application for the treatment and prevention of many diseases with medicinal plants such as:
Laxatives - constipation - stool - working late abdomen - hard bowel movements
Laxatives - Lax - relieve constipation associated with pain - Ybvsthay nerve pain drugs - anti-colic - windbreak and carminative and anti-gastritis, flatulence and gastritis and peptic ulcer disease and stomach and digestive problems and stomach drugs -Mqvy and appetizer
Worms and parasites, bile and anti-disease drugs diuretics Sfrayy - jaundice drugs and anti-transpiration mosaic diuretics and drugs for treating diseases of the kidneys and bladder urine high
Anti-cough, anti-bronchitis, anti-asthma and other respiratory tract infections and colds
Antiemetic drugs
Drugs for treating diseases of the mouth, throat, gums and teeth
Incense therapeutic drug for angina, and colds and flu
Add to metabolism and metabolic stimulant
Means for varicose veins
Medicines to address obesity and high fat
Medication to relieve anemia drug for the disease, arteriosclerosis - hardening of the arteries - the arteries of drug for urinary incontinence medicine to open the blockage of the liver and spleen and liver diseases and liver strengthening tranquilizers, heart and nerve tonic drugs for treating neurological disorders, quiet rheumatism and gout and anti-pain drugs
Anti-diarrhea medicines, skin and hair diseases - astringent
Anti-diabetes - heart disease, diabetes drugs, anti-hypertensive drugs for treating diseases of the kidney, bladder and tract Drury.
Drugs for treating diseases of the eye treatment drugs, drugs for treating edema and fluid in wound and burn tissues and organs - inflammatory or anti-bleeding drugs hemostatic disinfectant and antibacterial agents - antibiotics. Vomiting drugs
Enhancing drugs and .......


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