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Fihi Ma Fihi or articles Rumi, Persian book of prose works of Maulana Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi (604-672 BC.) the subject of criticism and interpretation of the mystical and include notes that during the thirty years of Rumi's words have been provided at meetings. These words have been written by disciples of Rumi. Simple and clear prose, this book is ethical and religious, mystical Azmtalb theme.

Three of Rumi's prose Fihi Ma Fihi, documents (letters have been told) and seven boards are. But of these three works of prose, written by his only work that Rumi. Fihi Ma Fihi and ceremonies, speeches and doctrine that had been expressed and followers of Rumi wrote it.

Fihi Ma Fihi is a book that developed after the death of Rumi (672 BC.) were made and naturally it has a name that is not of Rumi. Therefore, the old versions when it Asrar Aljlalyh sometimes called Fihi Ma Fihi. [1] In Zhryh some manuscripts written verses that are used Fihi Ma Fihi. Think Badiozzaman Forouzanfar the following passage in the book of the Arabic conquest Mkyh Mhyyaldyn Ben, are:
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Inasmuch Ayft we burn FIH. Big_boy big_boy Aldryhvyh

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