Biological Effective Dose Calc.

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A) BED calculation for Tumor solution and Normal Tissue solution:

Under 1-Prescribed Dose section:

Insert the fractions number (n), and dose per fraction (d). The α/β ratio and (k) could be selected from the list  in the software.  Table 1 presents some examples of α/β ratios. The T is the total days that taken for radiotherapy period. One further refinement of the BED equation is required if cells are believed to exhibit accelerated repopulation after a kick-in time Tk If it is assumed that repopulation is negligible before Tk and after that proceeds at a rate represented by k BED units/day, where k = 0 for T < Tk.


Table   1

- Heart - α/β=3,

- Spinal cord - α/β=2,

- Lung - α/β=3,

- Liver - α/β=1,

- Kidney - α/β=3,

- Parotid gland - α/β=2,

- Nervous System - α/β=3,

- Testicle - α/β=1,

- Ovary - α/β=1,

- Eye - α/β=1,

- Bone - α/β=3,

- Cartilage - α/β=1,

- Thyroïde - α/β=3,

- Rectum - α/β=5,

- Bladder - α/β=2.


This section (1-Prescribed Dose) can be used for calculating BED for tumor and normal tissue.

For calculating the effect of gap during the treatment period this section would be used for the received dose before gap days.



B) Gap effects calculation:

For gap calculation, after calculating the delivered dose (under section 2-Delivered Dose) before the gap days, in the 3-BED After G Days Gap fill the number of the days that the treatment has been stopped. This section calculates the BED changes due to the stopping the treatment.

The difference of 1-Prescribed Dose and 3-BED After G Days Gap results the remained BED after gap. This difference can be used for calculating the additional fractions (by n Calculation tab) or the amount of dose/fraction increment (by d Calculation tab) with constant total fractions. Also the amount of dose/fraction increment, with constant total fractions, can be seen in the section 4-Remained Fractions' d.

C) Fraction and dose per fraction calculation:

As described previously the d Calculation and n Calculation tabs in the main menu could be used for calculation of number of fractions or dose per fraction from a given BED.







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