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Sharper Calculator

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* The first Persian calculator with the ability to draw graphs of functions and matrix computations and converts the numbers *

Sharper Calculator, full application of its kind that has no specific age range !

Note: To draw graph follow the instructions below: 

Go to advanced panel >> define your function using letters Y & X ( For Example: Y=Sin(5X)+2 ) >> Now go to graph panel, You are plotted graph! 😉


Sin, Cos, Tan, aSin, aCos, aTan, power, taking root, logarithm, and ...

Well, what is the difference between Sharper calculator and the rest of calculators?

- Draw graph of function and zoom on its axis

- Matrix calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, inversion and determination with the ability to add rows and add columns in each matrix

- Ability to convert numbers between three formats BIN (zero and one) and HEX (a combination of numbers 1 to 9 and letters A to F) and DEC (the same as the real numbers)

- Creation application widget on the home screen and perform simple mathematical operations (+,-,x,/) without having to run the app

- Ability to use radians instead of degrees

- Ability to grouping a trio of numbers for easier reading

- Appropriate size

- And many other features that must have experience ...

Note: Keep in mind that mobile phone android version you have, must be higher than 14 or ICE CREAM SANDWICH.

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