Speed War

Speed War

Version 1.1
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Challenge your skills and prove your abilities! 😀😀😀

Harrow turret with energy that you play in different places ...
Each turret of the game has different characteristics, for example: shooting, rocket launcher, enemy speed reduction, energy gathering for survival in the game, and so on. Different types of enemies that have been used with artificial intelligence have created a new and fascinating way. Experience the battle with fast-moving ground enemies, heavy tanks, airstrikes and more !!!

Prevent turrets from moving enemies and create a spiral path !!!


+ Various turret units with different performance
+ Ability to upgrade turrets
+ Routing enemies with the presence of turrets
+ Multiple diverse enemies with different skills and powers
+ Several different stages with attractive three-dimensional environments
+ Beautiful interface with Persian and English !!!

+ HD game quality

+ No need for internet

+ Applicable on all handsets

+ Sound settings
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