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KarOnline, free distribution app for your abilities and local business.

Some   KarOnline Abilities:

Free ad insertion

Various professions in different categories

Supports all cities of the country

Compete in price and ability

Surveying different professions and selecting people with superior ratings

Smart Work Request for Workers:

Create an online group between the worker and the job Requester

 online requests from Workers

 work requests without calling or SMS

 job requests by category and type of work

more details :

Looking for work? There is no place for your specialty

Looking for someone to do your own cartoons?

Do you know there are several people in your area who can make a cartoon fast?

But they do not have a place to offer!

We have a specialty !!

But !!

- We have no money to set up

- We have no place to offer

- Or we are looking for a second job, but when we have such a blade we can not plan for it

But all these problems are solved by KarOnline.

If you have suggestions or criticisms about KarOnline  Contact us at Support@karonlineapp.ir.

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