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JikoPic Social Network

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JikoPic Social network

In JikoPic, you can find things that make you thrill. "Buy or enjoy it."

See what's happening in the world right now, from news and entertainment, sports to politics and big events and talk about them.

Simply taking pictures and sharing your moments, it brings you together to share your feelings with friends and family, and announces the events and happenings of your friends and other users.


Unique social networking feature JikoPic

You can easily access your virtual store by creating a network of customers, entering your business and boosting your business.


At JikoPic  you can:

Stay connected with friends and relatives easier.

Share your favorite photos, videos and memories.

Watch the funniest and most popular videos, pictures and events of the day.

Share your feelings with friends and relatives through different ways.

Keep your news up to date.

When your friends like you, they follow, comment on you to get notified.

Follow artists, sports teams, websites, and companies of your choice to get the latest news.

Set up your privacy.

To view your favorite products, search for it.

Best alternative for Instagram and Facebook social networks

Together, to have a beautiful, simple and healthy social network

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