Commercial law
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Commercial law, law related to business and commercial transactions described.

This set includes

The first (commercial and commercial transactions)

The second chapter (trade offices and business registration office)

The first chapter (business offices)

Chapter II (business registration office)

The third (commercial companies)

The first chapter (in various types of companies and recurrent rules in ane)

Chapter II (recurrent provisions recorded in publishing companies and Shrktnamh)

The third chapter (in the treatment of corporate affairs)

Chapter IV (various regulations)

Chapter IV (Barat - IOU - Czech)

Chapter I (you)

The second chapter (the IOU (notes))

Chapter III (Czech)

Chapter IV (in time)

Chapter five (documents bearer)

Chapter VI (brokers)

Chapter I (General)

Chapter II (remuneration dealers and expenses)

Chapter VII (brokerage (commission))

Chapter VIII (transport contract)

Chapter IX (deputy trade and other business representatives)

Chapter I (guarantee)

Chapter XI (bankruptcy)

The first chapter (in general)

The second chapter (the declaration of bankruptcy and its effects)

The third chapter (in determining the observer)

Chapter Four (on action to seals and other early actions to bankrupt)

Chapter V (the bailiff)

Chapter VI (tasks bailiff)

Chapter VII (in the contract and settled leniency bankrupt)

Chapter VIII (in various types of creditors and the rights of any of them)

Chapter IX (the split between creditors and the sale of movables)

Chapter X (in extradition cases)

Chapter XI (in the case of rulings on bankruptcy)

Chapter XII (in bankruptcy to bankruptcy fraud fault)

Chapter XIII (in rehabilitation)

Chapter XIV (trade name)

Chapter XV (legal entity)

The first chapter (legal entities)

Chapter II (rights and duties and domicile and nationality of the legal person)

Bob XVI (Final Provisions)

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