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Comic city is a fully Persian comic study platform. Our app contains a unique set of comics with a variety of genres that anyone can enjoy!

But what is it that makes comic city unique?

1- A unique series of comic, including more than 200 fully translated comic books

2- Quality translations, all our comics are translated by professional translators that makes the comics pretty easy and enjoyable to read.

3- Cultural translation of comics, which means all our comics are fully understandable by Persian-languaged people and we have done our best to make the comics a good fit for Persian language and culture.

4- Exclusive comic reader, which gives you the best experience while reading your favorite comics. In Comic City we have included features such as dark theme or Flash-Reader mode to give you the best experience you have ever gotten while reading a comic.

5- Variety of comics, which includes genres such as drama, horror, action, comedy, family and so on that can be fun for anyone to read.

6- One subscription for everything, meaning you buy a subscription and you can read as much comic as you want.

7- New comics every week, meaning you get to enjoy your favorite comic every week on it's pre-scheduled release date on Comic City.

And much more reasons that make Comic City unique.

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